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Reference numbers

All planning applications now have an 'Application Id' number in the format yyxxxx, where yy indicates the year and xxxx is a reference number, for example, 141234

Applications made before 13 November 2014 will also have a 'LA Ref' in the format yyyy/xxxx, for example, 2014/1234


Dates should be entered in the format dd/mm/yyyy, for example, 31/01/2014

Wildcard searches

If you are searching using a keyword or part of a name, address or application number please use an asterisk to indicate the missing word or letters.

The following would search for all postcodes starting with 'E17': E17*
The following would search for all addresses containing 'High Street: *High Street*
The following would Search for all Application ID numbers ending with: '1234': *1234

Please be aware that searches using a wildcard may take a long time and return a large number of results.

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